Eva, 57

Eva Frisk and her husband were looking forward to a wonderful day at the golf course, but the last thing Eva remembers is the lunch before they went out to the course. Eva’s husband, Thomas, remembers very well what happened. He is visibly moved as he talks.

– We teed off. Eva hit a great drive and we walked forward to look for Eva’s ball. I continued towards my own ball and when I turned around, I saw that Eva lying lifeless in the grass.

Thomas and a teammate immediately started CPR. At the same time, Peter and his colleague from Abbekås Golf Club sat eating lunch on the terrace.

– We saw that something had happened on the first tee. Someone shouted that a woman had fainted. We understood that time was of the essence and ran to them as fast as we could. We brought the AED that the golf club had acquired just three weeks previously, just in case. We had recently received training in how to operate the device as well as how to act if someone suffers a cardiac arrest, says Peter. When we arrived, I turned on the device and the voice prompt guided me through the procedure step by step. Eventually, her heart began to beat. When the paramedics arrived 15–20 minutes later, they told me that I had saved her life – they would never have arrived in time.

With a printout from the defibrillator, the doctor got a head start and was able to treat Eva in the best possible way when she got to the emergency room.

– I often think that I was incredibly fortunate to have been in a place equipped with an AED as well as CPR trained staff, otherwise I would not be alive today, says Eva.