Hasse Andersson

We probably have more than 100,000 AEDs deployed in Sweden, but unfortunately less than 20,000 of them are registered in our national AED register. This means that the other 80,000 aren’t visible to the emergency operators, or to you as a private citizen if you were in the vicinity. Today, a system called SMS Lifeguards (SMS = text message) is being developed throughout Sweden. This means that anyone who knows CPR can receive instructions to save lives. You or someone else can also be guided to fetch the nearest available AED to the scene. This is why it is important that all AEDs are registered in the national AED register ­– so that the nearest AED can be retrieved. This is sadly not the case today; many AEDs are neither registered nor available around the clock.

When spotting an AED where you are, use the app to check if it is registered. If not, notify the owner to register it.

If you own an AED, register yours at www.hjartstartarregistret.se so that everyone can benefit from it.

We can only survive a cardiac arrest if somebody helps us!