Linus, 18

27-06-2007 is the date Linus has a tattooed on his right chest, the day he collapsed behind the counter at his job with a sudden cardiac arrest. He was 18 years of age.

– It was two weeks after my graduation, the first day at my new job. My cousin was helping me at the checkout when I suddenly fell backwards. He thought I had fainted, says Linus. In the store was a customer, previously trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the military. He was able to quickly establish that Linus had suffered a cardiac arrest and started CPR.

– If he had not been in the store that day, I do not think I would have been sitting here today, says Linus.

The fact that Linus survived his cardiac arrest was also due to the fact that an ambulance was located near the scene. Within just five minutes, paramedics arrived and were able to re-start Linus’ heart with the help of an AED.

Three years after the incident, Linus started the foundation Heart of Linus. Anyone who wants can donate, and the funds are used to buy AEDs. The AEDs are in turn donated to public premises.

– I want to help others based on my own experience. When you suffer a cardiac arrest, it’s a matter of minutes. My goal is to secure my local municipality so that those who live here can feel safe.