Joacim, 32

On Friday, October 24, Lugi’s men’s elite handball team played against IFK Kristianstad at their home arena in Lund. Thirteen minutes into the match, Lugi’s handball player Joacim Ernstsson collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrest.

– I was into the match and felt just fine. It happened completely without warning, he says. Joacim Ernstsson has never had any heart problems before. And when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, it happened just the same as for many others – completely unexpected.

Lugi’s team doctor Ioannis Kostagiannis, who attended the game, quickly began CPR. A cardiologist from the audience jumped down from the stands to help.

– I am extremely grateful for the efforts that were made there and then. It feels like it was a good place to have a cardiac arrest in, says Joacim.

As Joacim had no pulse or breathing, the two medics knew that defibrillation was required to restore circulation. Thankfully, there was an AED placed at the arena. The AED pads were quickly placed on Joacim’s body, and after two electric shocks, his life was saved. When the paramedics arrived at the scene ten minutes later, Joacim had regained consciousness and could be taken to Lund’s heart intensive care unit for aftercare. Thanks to quick efforts and the fact that the AED was already in place, Joacim’s life could be saved.