Thomas Ravelli

Thomas Ravelli In school, students are taught CPR, usually in junior high school. All knowledge is based on repetition – the same goes for CPR. I believe that children and youngsters should start practicing CPR in the lower grades and then repeat annually. Practice makes perfect.

Fanny Josefine Ahlfors

Fanny Josefine Ahlfors Download the app to your mobile phone and become an SMS Lifeguard. All required is that you have CPR training and that you are over the age of 18. The best gift there is, is to save a life. Read more at

Hasse Andersson

Hasse Andersson We probably have more than 100,000 AEDs deployed in Sweden, but unfortunately less than 20,000 of them are registered in our national AED register. This means that the other 80,000 aren’t visible to the emergency operators, or to you as a private citizen if you were in the vicinity. Today, a system called […]

Lasse Kroner

Lasse Kroner As with fire extinguishers, it should be natural with AEDs in public places. When in a shopping centre, a hotel, a gym, the workplace, a shop or other public places – make demands on proprietors and staff to install visible and accessible AEDs. Influence your municipality to make their AEDs available around the […]

Sarah Sjöström

Sarah Sjöström In the event of a cardiac arrest, time is absolutely crucial. Every second counts. If somebody collapses lifeless, it is important that you start CPR as soon as possible, preferably within the first 60 seconds, by alternately giving chest compressions and breaths. Do not forget to call 112 and put your phone on […]

Jessica Andersson

Jessica Andersson There are many different models of AEDs. But they all have one thing in common – they work the same way. If you can use one, you can use all. AEDs are designed to work only when needed. You can never harm anyone with an AED. The biggest mistake you can make is […]