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More AEDs are needed in the places where the cardiac arrests occur. Today, no more than 1 in 10 AEDs are available after office hours. As with fire extinguishers, there should be AEDs available everywhere.

Sign Hjärtuppropet’s petition to Sweden’s municipalities and regions – and become a part of the work for a change in this important issue. The municipalities have the power to change the situation, therefore the petition will be sent to them. The petition aims to form opinion and influence those in power for the common good of the public. The more people who sign, the stronger our message becomes. Every signature counts.

At present, the municipalities own most of the AEDs. They have already invested in them. The problem is that they are not available after office hours. Today, insured monitored storage cabinets enable the municipalities to make AEDs available around the clock in public places. This is the issue we want to shed light on – to bring about a real change.

Sign Hjärtuppropet’s petition. Every signature counts.



We want to clarify that your name and e-mail information will only be used for the purpose of collecting signatures for opinion formation, and for any follow-up information about the petition.


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